30 Nov 2009 @ 5:37 PM 

How to create Contact Form? How can website visitors contact with me? Here is simple tutorial for you.

1. Download following package it contains all files which are needed for Contact Form, and extract all files into your account.

2. Now, you should move FormMail.pl file into cgi-bin folder in your account or some folder which can execute CGI and Perl scripts (if you don’t know such folder, contact with your hosting support).
Note: Formmail.pl should have 755 permissions

3. contactform.html file contain default HTML code with already ready contact form, you can check an example here

4. Open FormMail.pl in text editor and replace following lines by your information (change YOUR@MAILBOX.COM value to the name of the mailbox, where all information from the form should be sent and set your domain name instead of YOURDOMAIN.COM):

$postmaster        = qw(YOUR@MAILBOX.COM);
@referers          = qw(YOURDOMAIN.COM);
@allow_mail_to     = qw(YOUR@MAILBOX.COM WWW.YOURDOMAIN.COM);

then open contactform.html and find following line:

<form method=”post” action=”http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/cgi-bin/FormMail.pl”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”recipient” value=”YOUR@MAILBOX.COM” />

just set your domain name and mailbox instead of these lines and thats all, save the file and now your form is ready.

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